In His Voice Podcast w/ Rob L. Lowe
In His Voice Podcast w/ Rob L. Lowe


SO WHAT? KEEP GOING! A Story of Resilience Memoir Journey Revealed!

Brace yourselves for an intimate dive into the emotional rollercoaster of my memoir journey on the latest episode of the In His Voice Podcast!

Join me and my incredible guests as we unravel the layers of resilience, triumph, and the relentless spirit that fueled the creation of “SO WHAT? KEEP GOING!”

About “SO WHAT? KEEP GOING!”: Embark on an unforgettable odyssey through the highs and lows, triumphs and tribulations that shaped the pages of my memoir. This raw and unfiltered conversation explores the emotional process behind the powerful narrative that will leave you inspired and ready to conquer your own challenges.


– Unveiling the untold stories behind the memoir.

– Discussing the emotional challenges of baring it all.

– Exploring the theme of resilience that echoes through every page.

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